Thursday 23 October 2014

Ice ice baby

Today I tried out some fashion lenses (right eye), just look how pretty! 

The brand in question, 'Desio', are an Italian brand and may be known to you if, like me, you are an instagram stalker. Loved already by many beauty and fashion bloggers, Desio lenses can easily change the colour of even the darkest eyes. 
With a shade range of 8 colours, I opted for the lightest 'innocent white' to brighten my already pale blue eyes, I just wanted a subtle change to really make my eyes pop.

The lenses themselves came in individual blister packs in a beautiful rose gold packet. I also received a lens case with my order, a feature I believe may be new from Desio as it's absence was a note of annoyance I noticed from reviews by other bloggers. 

The below images show first, my natural eye colour and then with the new lens. 
The difference is a subtle one but I love it. The results are so natural that after wearing them all day at work nobody knew the reason behind my eyes looking so 'striking'. Everyone knew something was different but they couldn't put their finger on it. 
Are they comfortable I hear you ask? Definitely, I almost forgot to take them out before bed they're that good. I purchased some fashion lenses last year for halloween and they were an absolute nightmare, everything was blurry and every time I blinked they would move and it felt like my eye was being scratched. I assumed perhaps that I was one of those people that just couldn't wear contacts as my friend also purchased a pair but didn't have any problems. I'm now thinking it was infact the contacts.
Next I'd love to try the 'forest green' shade as I've always been jealous of green eyes on others. 
If you'd like to see yourself with a set of different coloured peepers you can purchase Desio lenses here. They retail for around £30 and are available with or without prescription. My delivery took just over a week which isn't too shabby considering postage is free and they're coming from Italy. Thumbs up there Desio. 

Have you tried Desio or any other brands of lenses? How did you find them? Leave me a comment about your experiences or recommendations.



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