Saturday 9 April 2016

Quarter life crisis... let's get healthy - SourcedBox review

Did someone say I can get tasty treats delivered straight to my door, and I don't have to feel guilty* about eating them? Yes please SourcedBox!

*Maybe a little if I give in and eat them all in one go...

So recently I turned 25, and it hit my like a freight train. Something about officially being classed as mid-twenties has got me thinking that I'm actually supposed to be an adult now. 

With that in mind I'm trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, being a lover of all things carby, cheesey and sugary (not necessarily altogether I will add) I need all the help I can get. 
To kick start the motivation I have signed up to take park in Tough Mudder ... quite a risky decision considering the last time I exercised was back in my swimmer days 10 years ago. I'll give you an update on that if I live to tell the tale. 

That's the exercise taken care of, what about nutrition? Enter SourcedBox.

If you're not already familiar with SourcedBox, it's a monthly snack box subscription and all the goodies are healthy, a miracle when you consider how often chocolate crops up. Created by YouTubers Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler, it's packed full different munchies and drinks that aren't full of sugar and chemicals.

I was thrilled to arrive home yesterday to see my box had been delivered, and oh so nicely packaged! The box is wrapped in a lovely minty green plastic, perfect for not falling foul to the 'glorious' weather we experience here in England - side note, pigtails have becoming a regular look for me to avoid looking like a drowned rat, there's been so much rain!
The snacks themselves are wrapped in tissue paper and slotted together like a game of Tetris, you really get your moneys worth here. Tucked in on top is a menu with all the items in this months box and little info about them.

Enough chit chat, what's in the box!?

'Lightly salted sweet potato crisps - HECTARES
Hand-cooked and hand-picked, these crisps use the finest sweet potatoes from farms in North Carolina, USA.'

My eyes lit up as soon as I saw these. As I mentioned, I'm a carb addict and sweet potatoes are one of my favourite things. Sweet potato fries anybody? I tucked into this blue beauty straight away and wasn't disappointed. Sweet, salty and (obviously) crispy it's just a little bag of joy. A great alternative to standard crisps when you're in the mood for something a little naughty. I may just have to go and source some more of these...

'Sweet Flakees - ORGANIC FLAKEES
Earthy beetroots with juicy and aromatic compote of summer berries, these remind us of sunny summer days.'

I've yet to tuck into these - I do need to TRY and make this box last a month until the next one! I read the word 'beetroot' and it concerned me, I'm not a fan usually but if the summer fruits play their part I think this could actually be pretty scrummy.

'Vanilla chocolate buttons - BRONTIE & CO
These chocolate buttons are hand-made in West Sussex with Ecuadorian cacao and raw Madagascan vanilla.'

These are my blogging fuel as I type. I'm a dark chocolate fan anyway so these are right up my street, if you're more of a milk chocolate fan though these probably aren't for you. At first I thought the portion was a little stingy, but eating them a little goes a long way! Dark chocolate being richer and more bitter than it's milky counterpart, the flavour stays with you and it doesn't take much to satisfy that chocolate craving. 

'Goji and vanilla chocolate - RAWR CHOCOLATE
An exotic mix of raw dark chocolate and one of our favourite superfoods, the goji berry!'

Two of my favourites combined. What's not to love? Taking all my will power not to gobble this down in one go.

'Raspberry coconut pecks - INSPIRAL
These crunchy raw coconut chips are coated in a raspberry sauce with a hint of vanilla and baobab.'

I never used to be a coconut fan, my sunny trip to Mexico soon changed that though. Really I just think I don't like Bounty chocolate bars! I'm keen to try these as raspberries are one of my favourite fruits and there's even some Baobab thrown in which I've heard so many people rave about! Anybody familiar with The Apprentice (BBC) will remember Charleine's attempts to pronounce that one ...

'Apple / Banana / Lemon dessert bar - RHYTHM 108
These dessert bars give a healthy twist to kitchen classics, they've even got baking trays so you can have them hot!'

I'm so intrigued by this one, a mini baking tray!? As you can see I have the banana option, I love banana bread so I think this could be a winner. The apple one sounds pretty good too, I might have to try and recreate them myself.

'The Beetroot - RUDE HEALTH
An allotment full of fruit and veg in a fudgy bar with seeds & nuts thrown in for good measure.'

Beetroot. I'm scared. Fudgy? Now I'm intrigued. We'll see.

'Goji goodness flapjack bar - CREATIVE NATURE
Experience berry magic as the naturally sweet super bar takes your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride - we love it!'

A flapjack bar with superpowers? Get in my belly! One for the road next week I think when I'm feeling peckish ... all day long. 

'Maple water - DRINK MAPLE
Carefully collected from Vermont maple trees in the spring, this pure and refreshing water is full of nutrients.'

The jury's out on this one. Pleasant enough but not something I'd be rushing out to buy again, although I probably should have stored it in the fridge for a while first! If you're trying to drink more water but finding it, well, boring(!) then this would be a nice alternative and there's some extra minerals and what not thrown in.

Bonus time! This one isn't on the menu ..

VITL Greens Complete Daily Superfood Powder - VITL
'Bursting with goodness, each handy sachet contains a great tasting plant based blend of 16 nutrient dense super foods handpicked to deliver optimal nutrition.'

A little sachet of various buzz word superfoods including; maca, kale, spirulina, flaxseed, wheat grass, goji berries, green tea and Seagreens. Instructions are to add to your juice, smoothie or water and enjoy up to 3 times a day. I'll definitely pop this in my next smoothie, I don't know if it will affect the flavour, but if it does let's hope it's in a positive way! If you're a fan you also get a wee promo code for a 6 sachet free trial.

'Red Miso on the go soup - CLEARSPRING
A rich and satisfying Miso soup, the sea vegetable add an earthy texture creating the perfect desk side snack.'

The only item that I'll be gifting to my friend. I'm just not a soup person, sorry! It is great to see though that even a 'cuppa soup' can be healthy.

That's everything! A really good mix and quantity of treats for the price. If you're unsure there is a one off box option for £21.95. Personally however I'd still just opt for the monthly subscription as you can cancel at any time and it's cheaper at £18.95 a month. If you've decided you're already in it for the long haul and want to save some pennies you can punt for the annual subscription and essentially get 2 months free - £189.95 for 12 months.

As another cheeky bonus, if you follow my link here (or anywhere it says SourcedBox) you can get 15% off your first SourcedBox!

Have you tried SourcedBox or any other snackbox subscriptions? What were your thoughts?

I'm now going to eat myself into a food coma.





  1. I really want to try sourced box but can't commit to the price - especially if I dont like the contents one time :(

    1. I'd recommend taking a look at what's been in each box from the start - Marcus and Niomi will certainly have posts / vidoes about this! Then you can see what sort of items you're likely to get in your box and if you think you'll like them.
      If you do decide to give it a go, I'd go for the monthly subscription that I mentioned above as you can cancel any time and it's cheaper than the one off - you can use the 15% off code too :)
      Let me know if you do try it!

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