Thursday 5 January 2017

London Room Tour

So 1 year down the line and 3 homes later, I can finally show you around my little London space.

As I mentioned above, this has been an awful long time coming. Finding the 'perfect' place to live in London was an unbelievable chore. 3 different flats and sets of housemates, 6 trips to IKEA and only God knows how many different room arrangements - I'm finally settled!
I've spent the past 5 months gradually pulling together the final homely touches and bits and pieces to finally have a space I can call my own.

One of my favourite features in my bedroom is the wall of pictures and fairy lights I've put up. This is super simple and inexpensive but I think it's a really cute way to showcase those memories that usually don't make their way off your phone or facebook.

The curtain lights I found on Amazon along with the small pegs used to clip on the images. The lights are attached to the wall with small 'command' adhesive hooks. I had the images printed by 'LaLaLab', a fab little app that lets you order a variety of prints from your smartphone (from your gallery or social media accounts). I also ordered a large collage from them which is hanging in my bathroom.

This bedding set I picked up by Accessorize at Dunelm Mill, I just love how bright it is! The cream blanket I grabbed one day whilst food shopping in Tesco, it is honestly so snug, as the weather has been so cold I quite often wrap up in this whilst watching TV on an evening.
My Macbook skin is by the fabulous Polly at Sighh Designs.

I pride myself on being a DIY queen (when it comes to flat pack furniture at least), and this set of drawers is one of my many IKEA conquests. 

I'd actually been eyeing this MALM unit up a couple of years ago, instead though I settled on the wide 6 draw ALEX unit (the saving grace series of every beauty addict and their dog), this however is still safe and sound at my parents home back up North. I opted for this one as I needed it for not just cosmetics but also some clothing and other bits and pieces, the mixture of shallow and deep drawers were therefore perfect.
Really I'd like to keep jewellery in the top section, for now though it houses a small fraction of my Illamasqua obsession.

Bedside tables, as it turns out, are a tricky thing to organise. I'll start out with maybe 3 or 4 items on them and then honestly it's like rabbits, things just seem to multiply! If I have one resolution in 2017 it's to try and cut down the amount of crap that accumulates on them.  

I've tried to opt for the essentials, candles, photos and a few pretty things ...

 ... and of course my pride and joy, the Dolce Gusto Genio. No morning is complete without a cup of coffee.

Possibly my favourite gift, a fabulous golden pineapple from Caitlin.

One can never have enough candles.

Yet more fairy lights, I have a problem. FYI this is the door to my bathroom.

I'm lucky enough to have two sets of HUGE built in wardrobes in my bedroom, complete with cupboards above. Safe to say I had to purchase a wee step later to use said cupboards.

This set hold some of my coats (the most regularly used reside on the back of my door), some short dresses, scarves and my massively condensed shoe collection. 

The second set house my KALLAX units (well one of, the other three I gifted to the living room) which I keep additional clothing in, long dresses, trousers and shirts. It's slightly chaotic in there at the moment. Oh, and some more shoes!

Organising my bathroom has been one of the trickier challenges, I had no idea just how many toiletries I owned!
Storage proved a bit of nightmare as the layout isn't really conducive to any sort of unit, mainly due the placement of the radiator. Ive managed to squeeze in a corner shelving unit though, my trusty Parisian themed trunk (full of bedding and towels) and a couple of baskets under the sink.
I really wanted to make sure my bathroom wasn't just a blank canvas, which they often can be. I focussed on brightening the windowsill and plastering yet more photos about the room. 
Honestly, there's still a long way to go with this room but it definitely does the job for now.

Don't ask why my Sophia Webster's are in the bathroom, I don't know either.

So that's it! A little insight into my home in the capital. If any of you have any extra storage tips (particularly for the bathroom) I'd love to hear them. 

Any more coffee addicts out there with a machine next to their bed, or do I have a bit of a problem?


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