Wednesday 6 November 2013

Halloween Handywork

This Halloween I ventured out of my comfort zone and did a couple of my friends make up. Despite my ever growing love of all things cosmetics, and my fascination of experimenting with different make up techniques, I've always been too scared to doodle on someone else's face. I have forever been a perfectionist and therefore have a fear of leaving someone looking like an idiot, and as this make up was for an event there wouldn't be much of an opportunity to fix it. 


Everybody needs some brows

As some of you may or may not know, I am in fact a natural blonde. This little feature, as with anything, comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. . .


Tuesday 15 October 2013

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Got myself on Bloglovin thanks to Rosy Sparkles. Would love it if you hit follow :)

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Monday 14 October 2013

Half an hour and a pair of eyelashes

Not long ago I purchased some crazy eyelashes from Illamasqua. I've never really had the opportunity to wear them (you will see why in a moment!) and so with a spare half hour in hand I got a little excited with my make up box and took inspiration from Poison Ivy.

Warning: this is going to get photo heavy!


Dare I say it, Holy Grail!

I'm coming out with quite a claim here, but for me this product really has lived up to it's hype.


Sunday 18 August 2013

I finally got a MAC . . .

. . . unfortunately it's not of the apple variety, it is however (unsurprisingly) from the world of cosmetics.


Wednesday 14 August 2013

Blend, blend, blend

It's a well known fact that ombré has been a massive trend this year, but it doesn't stop with your hair. Recently ombré has crossed over to fashion and now even make up.

I decided to try my hand at a look that's really been catching my eye lately, ombré lips.


Tuesday 13 August 2013

A little slow on the uptake . . .

 I've never been one to be clued up on the latest trends, so it has taken me up until the 'ripe old age' of 22 (and a year out of Uni) to finally enter the blogging world. 

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