Monday 14 October 2013

Dare I say it, Holy Grail!

I'm coming out with quite a claim here, but for me this product really has lived up to it's hype.

I've always fallen victim to the awful feature that is a shiny face. Not that lovely 'dewy' finish some girls love but just quite frankly an oil slick dominating my t-zone. 

Until now I've failed to find any sort of primer, foundation or powder that would keep my complexion matte for anything over an hour.
Step in Milk of Magnesia.

Those of you already familiar with this little beauty might be thinking I'm a little bit mental at this point, traditionally Milk of Magnesia is used as a laxative. Oh the hidden treasures of the medicine cabinet!
After countless hours on youtube I came across this little tip from everyone's favourite, Wayne Goss. He explained that a thin layer under foundation acts as a primer to reduce oil. Magic!
Needless to say I went straight online to order some, here's the results.

Straight after MOM and Make up. 

The MOM will likely leave some white chalky marks on your face when it drys, but these are easily buffed away and covered with your foundation. As you can see from the image it doesn't have an adverse effect on make up application and actually provides quite a smooth base.

6 hours later!

Without MOM under makeup, just 4 hours later (the camera is actually being kind for once, I looked much shinier in person!)

As you can see from the photos. the Milk of Magnesia really makes a huge difference. Without it, shine quickly rears its ugly head on my nose steadily spreading out across the rest of my face, particularly my chin and across my cheeks. My pores are also much more visible. 
As I stated before, MOMs primary function isn't one for use on the skin, I'd be cautious therefore about using it on a regular basis as it will have a pretty alkali pH level. I currently only use it 2/3 days a week whilst I'm at work on weekends but have yet to experience any adverse reactions. 
I apply it after my moisturiser by pouring a little into the lid and applying it all over my face with a foundation brush. It's consistency is like milk (as the name would suggest) but a little thicker so it's easy to spread over the face. If you don't have a foundation brush it also works well to pour a little onto a cotton ball and wipe this over the face, as with anything it's all down to trial and error and personal preference. 
When purchasing MOM, be sure to choose the 'original' version, cherry and mint flavours are also available but a face smelling of toothpaste doesn't sound too appealing to me!
I struggled a little finding somewhere to buy it as I believe the formula may not comply with UK regulations any more, it is however available from America via amazon.

If you decide to take the plunge and try MOM for yourself let me know how you get on,



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