Thursday 4 June 2015

Belated birthday bundle

This post has been a long time coming, but sometimes life really does just get in the way! 

I love birthdays. When you have friends that are a little more on the creative side, they really can produce some amazing gifts. One of my best friends, Caitlin, did just that.

Some of you will know that for my final year of Uni I lived on a delightful little street entitled 'Lime Avenue'. The bag is making a little more sense now isn't it? Seriously, I would have been delighted with just the bag, but there were more cheeky wonders inside!

As a cocktail lover, I've been treated to a number of variations to try courtesy of some very generous Leeds bartenders. One that has become a firm favourite of mine is the 'Aviation'. A mix of Tanqueray gin, Maraschino, lemon juice and an optional dash of creme de violette, it has become a staple drink of mine at any available opportunity. Cheers Lee Morris (Dandelyan) for introducing me to that one.
As my parents always taught me to share, I allowed Caitlin to try a wee sample and she too has been hooked ever since.

Queue my Aviation themed Birthday box.

Turns out it's not so easy to find Tanqueray in miniature.

No cocktail is complete without a cherry. My obsession is so strong, one bar tended has been known to serve a shot glass full of cherries (not forgetting the Kirsch) along side my cocktail. I know, they treat me well.

Now not many friends would brave the London tube, followed by a 2 hour cross country train with a birthday cake in tow, but Caitlin would!
Being the domesticated goddess that she is, she came up with a super yummy Aviation inspired cake. Filled with lemon curd and covered in Parma Violet icing, it really didn't last very long. It was decorated with Violet flowers (not at all stolen from the public gardens that morning) but alas, they didn't survive the journey. Real Parma Violets it is then.

'Of course we have a friendship song!'

I have no idea how our mutual love for this started, but the song that ties myself and Caitlin together is the R Kelly classic, 'Remix to ignition'. If either of us hear this song then straight away we'll pick up the phone. If the other doesn't answer, a 3 minute voicemail it is!
We created - and I use this term loosely - a dance routine to this pop marvel back in our first year, so if you see 2 girls in Leeds or London pulling some questionable moves to 'hot and fresh out the kitchen' ... I think you've found us!

Well who doesn't love sweets?

Time for the crowing glory.

If you haven't heard of Daisy Jewellery before, then please head over and take a gander. Featured here are their Throat Chakra Drop Earrings in Rose Gold. This Chakra specifically is for Communication, Resonance and Creativity but there are many more on offer. 
I haven't taken these off since I got them! It's worth checking their Instagram too as they currently have a competition running to win one of their new Good Karma necklaces (I already own a few too many of the bracelets).

Basically, Caitlin knows me far too well gave me a collection of treats that I couldn't have put together better myself! Do you have friends that come up with the most thoughtful gifts?



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